The Show Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 750ml
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The Show Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

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Category Red Wine
Origin California
Brand The Show
The SHOW Cabernet Sauvignon pays tribute to the state of California, from cool coastal vineyards, to sunbaked valleys to mountainous foothills, it's the diversity of terroir that makes it so special, and we take full advantage of it in our full-throttle Cabernet Sauvignon. The label image memorializes an historic grove of Redwoods in Humboldt County named in honor of one of our trio's ancestors. These giants are humbling, an enduring reminder of the awesome power of nature and the Golden State. For us, there is no greater inspiration than nature itself. We are Joel Gott and Charles Bieler, adventure seekers and wine crafters, who look to some of the world's most dramatic backdrops to create the multi-dimensional wines of the SHOW.

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